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Fenix, a consulting & engineering company, was founded in 2021 by highly competent engineers and entrepreneurs who held top-level positions in quite a number of international construction projects for over 15 years in different parts of the world such as Algeria, Nigeria, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Abu Dhabi, Pakistan and the Far East.


To offer services in international quality and standards, and to be the best contracting & project management company that is trusted by clients. To develop real estate investment projects creating living spaces that not only make dreams come true but also dare to go beyond dreams.


o come up with reliable, comfortable, high-quality and aesthetic structures for our clients; to create oxygen-rich living spaces embedded at the heart of nature. To establish a fair and discreet working environment for our colleagues; to be recognized as a brand and a corporation that supports creative ideas and appreciates achievements where they would be happy to work.

Project and Construction Management

Since construction projects are, by nature, prone to complex processes and great risks that need handling carefully, each phase must be carefully monitored and controlled. It is crucial that business processes are correctly established in construction projects.

Investment and Technical Consultancy

As Fenix Consulting Engineering, we minimize the project risks of our clients, respond to their needs and requirements with suitable solution proposals through consultancy services that we are committed to offering in international standards and quality.

Construction Contracting

We offer construction contracting services in international standards and quality both at home and abroad, respond to clients’ needs and requirements prominently to make sure the construction projects are delivered on time and cost-effectively. Construction contracting services can be combined under two main captions.

Investment and Real Estate

In our region-specific living space concept projects, we create timeless spaces that satisfy vital requirements with technological solutions by combining change-driven innovations of contemporary life with permanent and functional features.

Genuine projects that make life easier

With the projects it develops, Fenix Consulting & Engineering sticks to come up with solutions that make life easier. With its team specialized in project development and construction, the company takes part in genuine projects, relies on and makes good use of its prudent business partners’ knowledge, and puts signature to works that serve to improve quality of life and put a smile on its investors’ face. 

Where happiness lives

Human, nature,
respect for the environment...

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