Human, nature, respect for the environment...

As Fenix Consulting Engineering, respect for human, nature and environment; It is the most important ingredient of our company culture. In all of our business processes, our focus is to benefit people, animals, soil, trees, water and all living things.

High-Profile and Professional

‘Quality’ and ‘professionalism’ are clearly seen in any detail of the projects we carry out. Our professional team of experts, the business stakeholders we offer services from, the brands involved in our projects abide by high quality and professionalism both severally and as a whole.

Qualified and Reliable

We never compromise integrity, accuracy and consistency in the projects and business partnerships we are accountable for. Our priority is to complete all projects that we are involved inaccurately and on time, to provide solid and reliable outputs and to offer reliable services.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

We are well aware that protecting nature and caring for the ecological order is bound to improve the quality of life for generations to come. We act accordingly in every single business process.

Respects Privacy and Confidentiality

Principles of non-disclosure are observed and applied in any contract executed with clients and business partners; maximum data security is ensured. One of the essential principles for data security is to prevent unauthorized access to any media where clients' business partners' data are being stored and processed.

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