Reliable, superior and professional services make creative, modern and innovative projects

Fenix Consulting Engineering promises unique service quality that is beyond expectation for its clients, business partners and consulting firms.


To offer services in international quality and standards, and to be the best contracting & project management company that is trusted by clients.

To develop real estate investment projects creating living spaces that not only make dreams come true but also dare to go beyond dreams.

To provide our clients with visionary, innovative and enjoyable lifestyles; to have a good name that inspires and breathes life to new horizons with superior quality and design mindset.


To come up with reliable, comfortable, high-quality and aesthetic structures for our clients; to create oxygen-rich living spaces embedded at the heart of nature.

To establish a fair and discreet working environment for our colleagues; to be recognized as a brand and a corporation that supports creative ideas and appreciates achievements where they would be happy to work.

To be a party to long-term collaborations based on trust and integrity for our business partners; to become stakeholders in which mutual benefits, common sense and constructive communication are preserved.

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