Since construction projects are, by nature, prone to complex processes and great risks that need handling carefully, each phase must be carefully monitored and controlled. It is crucial that business processes are correctly established in construction projects.

Project and construction management can be generally defined as follows: The process of establishing and operating a set of procedures that are needed for timely delivery within a pre-determined budget and in desired quality in line with the client requirements.

Time, quality and cost management is the most critical for construction projects to lead to success. The services we provide in construction projects can be made into groups as follows:

Project Management;

  • Design Management and Design Process Monitoring
  • Value Engineering
  • Budget Development and Cost Tracking
  • Tender Management
  • Procurement, Planning and Logistics Coordination Management
  • Master Time Schedule Management
  • Reporting System
Construction Management;

  • Monitoring and Controlling Physical Realization
  • Time and Supply Management
  • Technical İmplementation and Quality Control Management
  • Contract Management
  • Cost Control, Quantity Survey and Progress Payment Management
  • Change/Request Management
  • Provisional Acceptance and Final Acceptance Process Management
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